weird timing issue/commit record issue with dynamic value list

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Apr 7, 2014
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Hello all,


I have written a script which extracts lots of values from a web viewer, puts those values into a field, each value separated by returns (for multiple addresses, each address separated by a return)


The values are put into a field and the values come in perfectly, after which I am performing a commit record then using those values in a drop down list (type ahead)...

which is behaving strangely... why do I say this? Because, with the script debugger on, all values appear within the drop down. However, if I run the script normally, only the first value appears in the drop down list, until such time as I commit the record by clicking on the record, then I click into the field again.


The script does essentially the same thing... populates values, commits the record the goes to the field... so what gives?


Why does it work with the debugger on? Why do I need to click on the record then click into the field?


Do I need to refresh the screen, I would have though this should work, no dramas!


see screen shots