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    Image doesn't appear in PDF on Windows




      I am running a hosted database for making notes and pictures. These are entered from an iPad. Clients are 13, server is 12.


      I created a report for the backoffice, which prints the notes and associated pictures. This report is saved on the desktop as pdf.


      On Mac everything fine. On Windows (13.0v1 and v2, Windows 7) some pictures in the pdf are missing <<Missing: filename>>. Containerfields only have pictures, each 100-300kb, containerfield has NO external storage. Tried making cache bigger, no improvement. Reproduceble on different computers. No problem when using 12, but this is not really an option.....


      Any suggestions?



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          The issue will lie somewhere in the process of generating the pdf in the first place. I assume FileMaker's ability to display a pdf depends to some extent on the method of generation; I have found this with other software (eg. Mail, Preview and others), which will not display images included in a pdf.

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            I have a form being filled out on an iPad that includes an image from a Container field. When the form is exported as a pdf everything works great except the image is blank. Is there an issue with images in pdf files exported from FMGO? The image appears correctly in the form when I try it in FileMaker on my Win7 machine. Thanx.

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              If the image shows in Preview mode it should print. Try printing to pdf instead of exporting. which is basically printing to a file instead of to paper.

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                Thanx. I must have a problem with my Insert from Device button in my FMGo application. When I use the FMGo menu and navigate to my Report layout in the iPad I can take or insert a picture into the report layout and that exports fine in the pdf.


                Update: To rectify the issue all I had to do was ensure that the picture that the iPad was capturing was shown on the layout where I had my Button to take a picture. When my app creates the pdf report now the picture is included correctly.