Strange Theme behaviour in Filemaker 13

Discussion created by JimBrear on Apr 6, 2014

I have encountered a problem with stylesheet behaviour on our in house database, which is my test bed for testing new features.


I have developed a custom theme to test the application of styles to various elements.


Today, one layout lost all its references to the custom styles. A similarething happened a week ago and I assumed I must have "touched" the layout with Filemaker 12.


Today I have not used 12 at all.


The file "previous" shows how things looked on the 10am backup.


The file "current" shows how it looked later in the day. Most of the buttons have lost colour (including the green drill down buttons on the portal, which I reinstated by rechoosing the custom style to see if it still worked.)


It appears everything has reverted to the standard Warm Blue theme defaults.


Has anyone had this sort of thing happen. I am using Windows 7 64 bit.


I do not want to spend time upgrading client databases if this could happen to them.