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    Calculations based on a checkbox field




      Can one do a calculation based on values in a checkbox field? It needs to be a checkbox as one or more or all values are possible. My checkbox has values 'one', 'two', 'three'.


      Based upon what's selected I want to go to different layouts. I also want 'three' to take precedence over 'two', which takes precedence over 'one'.


      I notice if more than one box is checked then I get a Variable value with a '¶' between them.

      I also notice that the value changes ie "one¶two' or 'two¶one' depending upon which one is checked first.


      The permutations are getting huge.


      Is there a simple way to say...

      If $Checkbox has a 'three' in it anywhere

      go to layout A

      else if $Checkbox has a 'two' in it anywhere

      go to layout B


      go to layout C

      end if


      Thanks in advance