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    how to generate PDF using schedule script


      I m hosting my files on server.Now I want to scdeule a script in which in whenver record is created it'll send a email with pdf attachment .But prb is On server pdf is generated. So is there any solution for this?

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          Save as PDF is not compatible as a server scheduled script step. The standard workaround is to use a "robot" machine with a desktop version of FM, that creates the PDF via a remote trigger from the server script.


          360Works RemoteScripter is a plugin that does this well: http://www.360works.com/remotescripter/


          Or you might be able to create your own applescript that does the same.


          Given what your need is (send alerts for new records), if the records are being created by FileMaker users, I would just have an OnCommit layout trigger that made the user machine perform the save PDF (temporary path) and email function when they create the record.


          If your records are coming in via CWP or ESS or otherwise where save PDF and send email are not available, then you could set up a robot with an ontimer script that just cycles through at a specified interval (IE 300 seconds / 5 minutes), searches for new records, loops and saves pdf / sends mail / marks record sent.

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            Thanks for reply.

            But I m using window. without plugins is this things is possible?What I want ..whevener records is inserted in filemaker (its may be via import records ,FM GO or iformbuilder)I wan to send email to client.

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              The robot method is compatible with windows, as is the RemoteScripter plugin. I only mentioned applescript because I know it's been done before.


              Since you have varying methods of data entry, I would suggest the robot machine that cycles through on a timer script and looks for new records, generates PDFs and sends alerts.