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Discussion created by paulspafford on Apr 7, 2014
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Hey y'all,


I have a client using FileMaker Go 12 to access their database on FileMaker Server. They are a construction company who uses the database to create quotes. After they have finished writing a quote, Go creates a PDF and attaches it to an email to their client. They might write something in the body of the email, and then they hit send. This used to work perfectly.


They've been having problems with clients not receiving the attached PDF. The email their client receives "says there is an attachment" (I'm not sure what that means), but there is nothing attached.


When the guy who sent the quote looks in his Sent box, the PDF is attached. At first, this was only happening to one or two clients they were dealing with, so we assumed it was a problem on the receiving end.


Just in case there was a problem with the PDF not being "ready" before it was attached to the email (I don't know if that's even possible to have happen), I tried inserting a pause of a few seconds, to give the PDF time to be created and attached. They were still having the problem.


In recent weeks, it has started happening with more quote recipients (different companies and providers, so they should have totally separate tech issues than the original recipient this was happening to).


Has anyone seen this before?