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Problem with Timestamp comparison

Question asked by mark_b on Apr 7, 2014
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Hi All,


I'm having a problem with comparing timestamp fields from two related tables (see Relationship clip below). TableA imports Word document Titles from a Windows 7 folder and grabs the file's timestamp (Troi Plugin) and stores each Word document title as a record (no problem here). A script adds records to TableB meeting specified criteria from TableA including the Timestamp and Title from TableA (no problem here). What I want to be able to do is only add records from TableA into TableB if the documents are new (no corresponding record in TableB) or if they have a more recent timestamp; ModifiedFile = unstored calculation [ GetAsNumber ( TableB::FileTimeStamp ) < GetAsNumber ( TableA::TimestampModified ) ]. I added the GetAsNumber as a test, but it didn't make any difference. Here's what my layout looks like:

2014-04-07_12-43-44.png 2014-04-07_12-39-06.png

As you can see, the Timestamps in TableA appear to be identical to those in TableB, yet the ModifiedFile calculation shows some are the same and others are different. I have used the DataViewer to see the numeric values of both and they are always the same, but the calculation shows otherwise. I have looked at the length of the titles, and there is no pattern seen. Long titles seem to screw up as often as short titles. I'm stumped. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Cheers, Mark