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Securing the Adminstrator password in distributed applications.

Question asked by janslort on Apr 7, 2014
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I have been distributing FMP 12+ aplications to clients to use for mailing lists and a Go POS application to run on Tablets. The clients subscribe to my Update and customization service for a small monthly fee. I "Brand" all output forms and reports with their name and address. This "Branding" is controlled by me through the Administrative password priveledge. Presumably this would protect my product from being copied and given to other businesses who are not authorized my me (and who don't pay).


I recently learned that there are commercially available password "recovery" programs that for <$40.00 will reveal the Administrator Password to the user of my program, allowing them to change it at will. I can't use the "Runtime" developer tool to create my solution because it is for a single user only so my clients won't have the usability they require. "Server" is too costly for my small clients. If I Host the files on "Server" for my clients, can they also access their files on the IPad? Are there other alternatives ?