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soSIMPLE Calendar 2




If you still think adding or using a calendar in FileMaker is a time-consuming challenge, you haven't tried the new soSIMPLE Calendar.


By adding a soSIMPLE Calendar to your clients' solutions, you will

  • save development time
  • add a hot new calendar UI
  • provide access to your clients' calendars from any device


See why this customer said:


The development time saved

pays for the product

many times over



soSIMPLE Calendar version 2 has raised the bar on what's possible - not only within FileMaker, but on the web and on your smartphone.


To help give you a clear idea of how soSIMPLE works, our web site now features the ability to edit the calendar live on the web page, and watch the events update immediately in FileMaker. We're really excited about this new demo page.



The fastest, slickest FileMaker calendar is now even more so:

  • An even faster, more responsive calendar
  • A fresh new clean, sparkling look
  • More view options, including four new timelines
  • Tablet touch support for every calendar
  • Use on ANY Smartphone
  • Custom data entry fields for web publishing
  • Auto-refresh without script timers
  • Multiple timezone support
  • Overhauled documentation
  • and more...





As always, we're excited to hear your feedback & of course if you have any questions about the new soSIMPLE Calendar please don't hesitate to contact us.





Ken d'Oronzio


See why this customer said:

I was amazed at how light, fast, and powerful the soSIMPLE Calendar was. (read more testimonials)






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