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    FM12 - Spinning off a new db file from a table with secure external containers




      We currently have a large FM12 file with mutliple tables that is reaching the 8GB mark and growing daily. One of the tables is an image table that uses secure externally stored containers. We're considering making that table it's own file so that it's easier to backup and manage. What is the best way to move those records to a new file without breaking the existing links?


      Thanks in advance,

      Laura Bowyer

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          Working on backups and on a test FMS. Very careful move all the files to the test FMS.

          If you can’t do that, then make backups of the file(s) before doing anything. Make sure ALL users are off the system and close all non-essential files.

          I have not tried this. I think this procedure should work.

          All of these processes can take a long time as copying large amounts of data or number of files with FMP is slow.


          Possibility one:

          Duplicate the original file. This duplicate becomes the new front end file. This may be faster if the amount of external storage is in the hundred of Gigs and the number of tables/amount of data to delete is low.

          The original becomes the external storage file so it keeps all the path info etc. properly maintained.

          Delete unneeded tables from the original file. I think its OK to rename it. But if you do check containers show correct data before proceeding.

          In the duplicate add a file reference to the newly name original.

          Wherever the container TO was used change it to use the new file reference.

          Verify all data appears correctly

          Delete the original container table.



          Possibility two:

          Import all the containers into a new FileMaker File. This takes a long time but if you are moving the file to a different FMS, maybe for SAN storage, it is probably the better choice.

          First add a calculation field for Container Verification to the original table.

          Create a new file, do NOT add any fields or new tables. leave it pristine.

          Go to original and open container table.

          Copy fields (all or part doesn’t matter).

          Open new file definition and paste.

          Very important you do not do anything else in the new file.

          In Original Create an external file definition to new file.

          Change TO’s to new file ref.

          Open scripts and make sure they still point to correct fields. Look at layouts to verify they all show the correct file.

          Import old container data into new file container table.


          Possibility three.

          Change from External to internal storage.

          Change field definition to not use external storage. External files will be sucked back into FMP file. This is going to take awhile but you can control when it does it.

          Choose to do later.

          In Manage Container menu you can start/stop the process. Start in after hours and stop when work starts.

          Once you have files in internal you can do whatever you want with the file to make a separate table.


          Possibility four.

          Hire a professional data mover who knows how to properly wrap data and has their own truck. §^=)

          (Well I thought it was funny).

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            Thanks Chocohalic:


            I'll play with a few of these on the test server and see what works best for us and report back my findings.


            Laura Bowyer