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    Selecting Value from Dropdown without creating new record


      Hello Friends,


      I have come up with another issue regarding dropdown list. I am using dropdown which is getting its values from one table but field is associated with another table. I want user to select one of the values and should not get saved right away. For example:



      Table A contains All IMEIs information regarding a specific phone. Table B contains the information regarding which IMEI was used to test a specific functionality. Now if there are 10 tests to be performed uing same IMEI, I should be able to make the IMEI Selection only once and it should be able to store the information automatically once user starts testing the functionality.


      When I am trying to select IMEI from dropdown, it right away creates new record for table B. What if after selection, I don't want to test any test case? In that scenario, I'll have to delete the record manually which got created when I made the selection using dropdown.


      Is there anyway to overcome this issue?



      Thanks in Advance,