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    Possible to create a Thumbnail from a Secure Container?


      My fear and suspicion is that it is impossible to get a thumbnail of an image in a container field that is securly stored via Filemaker Server, due to the encryption. I'm thinking that on the folder import, the thumbnail is created prior to the encryption being performed.


      Here is what I have tried:


      When I import a batch using the Import Records script step -> Folder -> Picture and Movie Files, using Secure Storage, adding a thumbnail to another container field, it works perfectly.


      When I try to import a File individually using Import File (on the same pdf file), I get an error "This file could not be translated using the selected file type." Of course, I never had an opportunity to select a file type!


      So, I create a new record, select the container field, choose "Insert Picture" (because Insert PDF or File does not give me a preview of the image in the container). The Insert picture works fine, but then I cannot:

      GetThumbnail(MainContainer;50;50) - it just leaves a "?" in the field. I have tried specifying the secure image path GetThumbnail(ImagePath;50;50) - using a field derived from GetContainerAttribute ( Attachment ; "MD5" ) or from GetContainerAttribute ( Attachment ; "externalFiles" ) which I figured would work.


      Can anyone tell me how to make this happen?

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          Yes, it is possible to create a thumbnail from a secure container. However, in a particular upgrade, perhaps between 12 and 13, Filemaker made a decision that a PDF was no longer an image, but a document, and they DEPRECATED the feature that used to work perfectly, of creating a thumbnail from a pdf in a secure, encrypted, container.  Apparently they forgot to remove the ability for it to happen on a batch import, because that is the only way it will work.


          If I remember correctly, I created a workaround in one of my solutions that basically dropped the single file into the Temp folder, and batch imported that single file, in order to get the thumbnails we needed from individual files.


          Soooo frustrating when they remove features that we depend on. I have a customer who scans hundreds of thousands of files, in order to go paperless, must have the files saved as PDF's, ARE SCANNED IMAGES, but Filemaker decided PDF's are not images.