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    Webdirect Error


      i have tried opening webdirect from Firefox browser as https:// <ip address>:16000/fmi/webd , but its not opening now


      Yesterday ,also after lots of trials , it has opened .

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          its also saying that the Requested resource is not available , although is showing perfectly good in AdMIN Console

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            For WebDirect,  don't put in the port number.  it should be https://ip.address.here/fmi/webd#


            This should go to the secure website port,  443 automaticly.  If you have the default install,  it will probably come up and ask about the security certificate saying it is invalid.  You should accept it.  If you don't you won't be able to get to the site.


            If you are going into production with this server,  you should purchase and replace the certificate with a valid one.


            Last thing,  FireFox is not an approved browser for WebDirect.  I have tried it and it seems to work ok,  but FileMaker has only approved Safari,  Chrome and IE.  I'm hoping they will approve FireFox one of these days.



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              A little birdie told me that Firefox renders things strangely for WebDirect. I'm not sure how many resources are being allocated to try dealing with this.

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                I've had big enough problems with some webdirect layouts that it was unusable.  I'm sure I could change them specifically for firefox but then it's not really right.

                Also if you don't want the certificate error with webdirect just use http instead of https

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                  I just finished a WebDirect project.  I  tested using all four browsers.  The only one that seemed to work as expected most of the time was Safari.  Ran into a number of minor issues,  like drop down fields only displaying part of the field value.  When the menu is down you see the whole value,  but after you select it you only see part of it.  This was true for longer text values.  Short ones displayed correctly.  FileMaker was aware of the bug.


                  There were other things like object placement was a bit different on each browser.  In short it worked,  but I think this is clearly version 1 and will improve as FileMaker goes forward.



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                    Firefox is not a supported browser.  It definately has issues.  Would strongly suggest Chrome or Safarri.

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                      Thanks all , for all your valuable feedback and time....


                      Nit giving port number , works pretty good.