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    How do I find next day's group of records skipping Saturday and Sunday?


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a button for the user to click and find/display next day's records, my DB contain only week days dated records no weekend dated records.

      I created a simple script which can find records from Monday thru Frinday, but I dont know the script step that skip Saturday and Sunday and find following Monday's record while users are in Fridays records.


      Fields in my DB

      Date of appointment - Name - Procedure - Phone Number

      No Weekend records (only M-F records).


      This is what I wrote and it works for Mon thru Fri


      Go to Layout[Layout Name]

      Go to Field [Date field]

      Copy [Selelct Date field]

      Enter Find Mode[]

      Paste[into the Date field]

      Set Field [Date field + 1]

      Perform Find[]


      Appreciate any help...


      Thank you