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    Constrain show all records




      I am running into a problem, I have a script limiting access based on the priviledge set. And only records that are able to be viewed are actually shown through a found set. (Records that say no access are not shown).

      Now what if a person does a find within this found set, no problem! The only problem is when they want to see "all contacts" again. However all contacts for that person means "Found set"!

      This is where I run into a the problem. Is there any way to trigger my found set again? Because if someone presses command-J or even goes into Records->show all records they will have a with no access "polluted" set.


      Any way around this?


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          Create a custom menu that substitutes the show all (command-j) for a run script [“Your Find Script"] operation. Your Find script runs even if they use the shortcut.

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            I concur wiith ch0c0halic's suggestion -- I use that method all the time for tight control over hidden records.

            But I'd recommend going one step further, too, and replace the Find... command with your own custom Find script that also hides your 'hidden' records from the 'wrong' viewers.  That way, users using other shortcuts to the Find command won't stumble across your confidential records by accident.  I know your current script takes care of this, but replacing the Find command keeps your users from 'going around' your script by using icons in your toolbar and other backdoor techniques.


            - Gary

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              Not necessary - if you have set up security correctly.

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                Stephen Huston

                I have used the custom menus option often before, relying on script AND including record-level access controls to restrict some user's visible records.


                I recall that if the Show All default option is left available to someone with restricted access, they still see records they can't read, albeit with the disturbing "No Access" info.


                Has that changed? because it sounds like that is what RTP is trying to avoid.

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                  Thanks everyone,

                  I just didn't left the standart show all option but changed it to the script.

                  All I head to do is change the script from constrain found set to extent found set!


                  Thanks! Thats what I was looking for!

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                    Any find operation will ONLY display records the user is allowed by their privilege set to see.


                    The recommendation by GAmstutz does not accomplish anything.


                    If custom menus are set up so that the Show All Records command is linked to a script that (for instance) finds "*" in the record ID field, then the user will only see records their privilege set allows them to see.


                    Yes, if you do NOT control the menus - then a standard show all records command will reveal no-access records but display the annoying <no access> message.