Script Continues after client force-quit

Discussion created by RebeccaPridmore on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Stephen Huston

Ack. I'm having another crazy script issue in the same client's solution. A recap of my setup: FMS 12v4 running on Windows Server 2008, accessed by about 25 people at any given time, half & half windows & mac.


Yesterday, a user started a script that would delete the child records of one parent, go to the orginal template that record had been created from, and re-create the child records for the parent (with a looping duplicate). Somehow, that script hung on him, giving him a spinning beachball. It was 6:30, he was tired, so he force-quit Filemaker and went home. The script, as far as I can figure out, kept going - kept looping through the duplicate script all night - creating 800K records, and growing the size of the file by 25%. Also, it seems to have done some damage to the indexes, because the file is now very slow to open and sluggish. I'm in the process of saving a compressed copy, hoping to solve those issues. But in the meanwhile I need to ask the experts: How can this happen? This was a client-side script, how can it continue after the client closes? I know that FM Server 12 has a new architecture that allows more processing to be done on the server, could that have caused this? Can I do anything to stop it from happening in the future?