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Discussion created by DavidMoore on Apr 9, 2014
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So, for some years now I've used Task Till Dawn ( http://www.oliver-matuschin.de/en/projects/detail/task-till-dawn ) to run a couple of Automator scripts/apps on a shedule. Works seamlessly in FileMaker 11 (and worked with Filemaker10, and Filemaker9). However, on Filemaker 13, it's a no-go.


This particular Automator "app" calls for the following:


on run {input, parameters}


tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

do script "ServerForJames"

end tell


return input

end run



Again, in Filemaker 11 the thing runs seamlessly. Not so much (not at all, actually) in Filemaker 13.



Anyone out there smarter than I want to chime in?

Thanks as always...DM