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    Beta Testers Wanted


      Seeking one or two FileMaker 13 users in the U.S. to beta test the next version of my Made-for-FileMaker solution "Allegro Timeclock - Freelance Edition". Beta testers will be given a free copy of the new version when it is released.


      Allegro Timeclock is a virtual timeclock. The Freelance Edition is intended for sole proprietorships who bill their clients by the hour. It is designed to run on a single computer. For more information, check here http://allegrodata.com/Timeclock.html. The new release is very similar to the current version, except that t it has been optimized for use with FileMaker 13 (taking advantage of new features, such as popovers and slider controls). It also has a new help system.

      If interested in participating, please send an e-mail message to beta@allegrodata.com.


      Thank you.