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    Insert from Device


      I don't know if this is the intended behavior because the help file does not discuss it. Therefore I don't know if I should consider this a bug or a feature.


      If you specify Insert from Device on a container field in FM-GO to , let's say, insert a photo using the rear camera, and the user happens to cancel but the field remains active, a second tap on the same container field opens the default choices for container field inserts (signature, photo library, etc).


      But if you commit the record, a second tap will repeat the action assigned to the button or script.



      In my case, I have some users who like the feature because cancelling the camera allows them to choose a picture they already have ... but I'm not sure if this is accidental good luck or the way FM intends it to work.

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          Intended behavior.


          Once the cursor is in the field the second click is “INSIDE” the field not to the ‘field as a button’ object. So normal field behavior is in effect. Only by clicking out of the field or exiting the record does the ‘field object as a button’ become active again. Note that ‘tabbing’ (using return to go to the next field) can put you back into the field without triggering the Script. Unless you are using a Field Script trigger.