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Can Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced open a MAC finder window?

Question asked by dondea on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by erolst

I have very little experience using Filemaker, so I apologize if I use basic (or incorrect) terminology!


I'm using FM13 Pro Advanced. I have a 15,000+ database of consumer goods with the 12-digit UPC number as the unique identifyer for each product and related data regarding that product. I also have a folder with 15,000+ image.eps files of the products that are named with the unique UPC number. The 15,000+ images are stored in a folder on the same server that hosts the database. Everything is MAC based, including the server.


In my database I have a container field which shows the image .eps file that is the result of a calculation for looking in the specific folder for the picture file name that matches the product UPC.


Is there a way that filemaker can be programmed to go to and then open the image folder window where the picture files are stored and then highlight the specific image? It is basically a simple find command on a MAC, but I want filemaker to start the find relative to the image in the container field. Once the image file is highlighted in the finder window it can simply be dragged into an Indesign file.


Thanks for any insight into this.