Recover access to a database 'locked or in use'

Discussion created by jdxxs on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by CarlHarr

I had 2 databases open when I temporarily lost wi-fi connection to a network drive. Filemaker Pro 13 is located and running on a 2013 iMac running Mavericks and the .fmp12 database files were stored on a NAS drive.


When I reconnected, I received a message that one of the database was damaged. Confirming the message closed the database.


Trying to re-open it, I get an FMP message that I don't have permission to open the file.


Trying to recover the file asks to confirm a filename to save the file and then produces a FMP message that the file is locked or in use.


Trying to open the database from another conputer running Filemaker Pro 13 produces the same message.


Trying to copy and paste the file produces an OS message that I do not have permission.


I did not get any message about damage to the second database but I have the same problems opening, recovering and copying.


Anyone know how to recover/re-open thiese database files?


Many thanks,