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    Ctl ' not working


      neither does Ctl #

      Ctl I to enter from index DOES work

      I am trying to find the Windows keyboard shortcut to insert from last visited record using Filemaker 13 and Windows 7.


      Help please.

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          Most likely you are trying to use it out of context, which is resulting in a blank result. Insert from index is a completely different function and is not a good indicator to troubleshoot this.


          Ctrl + ' is definitely the shortcut. The only way it would not work is if you're out of context (IE there was no previous active record) or if you have a OnLayoutKeystroke trigger that is overriding the action.


          Do you have a sample file we can confirm against?

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              I was testing this (not in true (context) so it was context not shortcut that was the issue -- Many thanks