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    Help! Can't access FileMaker Server remotely


      Hi all - hoping someone here can help with what is probably a pretty simple problem, but that has me stopped in my tracks.


      I have FileMaker Server 13 installed on a Mac mini. I can access apps on it from within the wifi network, but can't access apps remotely.

      I have port forwarding enabled / configured on my router (a BT HomeHub 5 - I'm in the UK) and have used www.whatismyipaddress.com to determine my external / WAN IP address.


      But when I configure remote access from FileMaker Pro 13 on my MacBook, it’s not seeing any apps. In fact, I can’t even ping the WAN address


      I’ve checked to see if the router is in ‘stealth mode’ and it doesn’t seem to be.

      Checking / unchecking the System Prefs > Security > Firewall > Stealth Mode setting on the mini doesn’t seem to help either - I still can’t ping the IP address


      What am I missing / can I try next ….?


      I figure I need to first prove I can connect to the router / Mac mini over the internet, hence trying to ping it ...


      Any help greatly appreciated

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          So you do NOT have a static IP address from your provider, correct? It might be wise to get a dynamic DNS (IE dyn.com) address now so you can avoid the headaches later of changing all of your references once your ISP decides to cycle your IP Address.


          You said you have port forwarding enabled, but do not mention if you are allowing port 5003 through your router's firewall. Is that firewall enabled, and do you have the proper exceptions? Make sure to read up on all the ports here:



          A lot of routers block ping requests, so it's not always a telltale sign. Your host firewall is already configured correctly if you can access things on your LAN.


          Also, is you macbook on a different network when trying to access your WAN address? If you're still on the LAN when testing it might cause issues.

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            Hi Mike


            Thanks for taking the time to respond. Here are some answers to your questions …


            1. You’re right, I don’t have a static IP address. I’ve already signed up to noip but was testing on the raw IP address to cut out a possible point of failure. The IP address noip have for me is the same as returned by whatismyipaddress.com so I think that’s all working fine anyway ..


            2. Port forwarding; yes port 5003 is enabled

            The way this router seems to work is 2 step


            a. ‘Game of Application Ports’

            Game / Application name: FileMaker 13

            Protocol: Any

            Port Range: 5003-5003

            Translate to: 5003-5003


            b. Assign Application ‘FileMaker 13’ to device ‘Mac mini name’

            On the router uPnP is off, as is DMZ, IPv6 Pinholes (that’s a new one to me)

            The firewall is set to default (‘Allow all outgoing connections and block all unsolicited incoming traffic. Games and application sharing is allowed’) which sounds about right to me


            It’s *only* port 5003 that I have enabled in port forwarding; my understanding being that this is all that’s required to access a remote FMS app ..


            3. Routers blocking ping requests. Yes that’s a fair point; I can’t see a setting on the server to block / allow pings, but it makes sense to not respond by default rather than vice versa.

            Which is frustrating in this case as it would be useful to be able to see if I’m actually getting to my machine at all…


            4. The MacBook is on the same WAN, but if I use FileMaker GO from my iPhone & turn WiFi off (so I’m definitely connecting over cellular), I get the same behaviour:

            a. WiFi on & accessing ‘server.local’ - all is fine

            b. WiFi off & accessing a remote server by entering the IP address - no joy (‘no files available’)



            So still no answers I'm afraid

            Can anyone suggest a way of testing if I’m even getting to the router / Mac mini?Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 16.52.00.pngScreen Shot 2014-04-11 at 16.52.21.png

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              It’s working!


              While poking around the router settings I found a screen that shows the target IP address, rather than just the machine name. The target IP address was not the same as the Mac mini’s IP address from About this Mac > More > System Report > Network.


              The router had a device named ‘server,’ so I tried that - it came up with the mini’s IP address & now FileMaker Go on the iPhone can access the FMS apps over cellular.




              So I’m going to set the mini up with a status IP address to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


              But that’s good news