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Help! Can't access FileMaker Server remotely

Question asked by sirolway on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by mikebeargie

Hi all - hoping someone here can help with what is probably a pretty simple problem, but that has me stopped in my tracks.


I have FileMaker Server 13 installed on a Mac mini. I can access apps on it from within the wifi network, but can't access apps remotely.

I have port forwarding enabled / configured on my router (a BT HomeHub 5 - I'm in the UK) and have used to determine my external / WAN IP address.


But when I configure remote access from FileMaker Pro 13 on my MacBook, it’s not seeing any apps. In fact, I can’t even ping the WAN address


I’ve checked to see if the router is in ‘stealth mode’ and it doesn’t seem to be.

Checking / unchecking the System Prefs > Security > Firewall > Stealth Mode setting on the mini doesn’t seem to help either - I still can’t ping the IP address


What am I missing / can I try next ….?


I figure I need to first prove I can connect to the router / Mac mini over the internet, hence trying to ping it ...


Any help greatly appreciated