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To use or not to use Filemaker Server

Question asked by ruhlanma on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2014 by bigtom

I'm a bit of a newby when it comes to filemaker. I'm an old time Foxpro developer. Recently I was asked to build and deploy a very simple questionaire for IPad. Basically a sales tool used to capture some info during a sales contact. It is basically comprised of a customer list table and a questionaire data capture table. Users log in, are brought to a search screen where they lookup a client they are visiting and then launch the questionaire screen where they record info from the sales call.


My client was so happy with this simple solution that they would like to significantly build on it. I built this with Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 last year. We have a team of sales reps that spend most of their time making calls to very remote rural areas (farmers) and thustly I built this app to work offline. A copy of the database exists on the IPad. No syncronizations take place currently, they simply click a button and a report gets emailed to a manager. However, we now want to be able to syncronize to a master database.


The performance of the app (speed with which the data is accessed) is key. So we don't want to have to be connected to query a customer. We do want to have the ability to syncronize with the master database periodically when the user is able to have internet access.


I'm hoping someone can give me a tip as to whether or not we need Filemaker Server and perhaps point me to some examples of where something like what I've described is being done successfully.


Thanks in advance


Marty R.