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    Import script automation


      Hello all,


      I am trying to automate an import and set it as a timed import for muliple times a day. I have the script and it works fine. All the details for the import are scripted including file path, and field match ups. The filepath is a file:/C:/path/to/file.


      I can run it directly with no issue but when I attempt to run this as a server schedule, I am getting error 100 (best I can find is that the file is not found).


      Anyone have any ideas on what may be going on here?


      What is the best way to run a FM script hourly?

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          FileMaker Server can only access documents in a couple of locations - specifically, the Temp directory (which you can fetch via Get ( TemporaryPath ) and the Documents directory ( Get ( DocumentsPath )) or subfolders thereof. This is a security feature. You won't be able to specify just any directory you want, but will need to place the document from which you want to import in an allowed location, either directly from the generating program or via a shell script.





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            thank you for your answer Mike,


            I typed out a long rambling question, then stopped a min and went to the server machine and threw it in the documents folder of the user that server basically runs under and it worked! lol


            Appreciate it sir.