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    Local or Remote from one Web Clip.


      Most of the time my iPad users are in the office and we have a webclip that launches the solution.


      This works great. However on occasion these users leave the office and need to connect remotely. This is where it breaks down. Nearly everytime they need to connect I get a phone call asking how they are suposed to do it after they have spent a 5-10 minutes trying to figure it out themselves. I have been asked a number of times by users if the "system is broken" since the icon simply does not open the file like it should.


      These users are not tech people and the need something easy to use. The only thing I can think of is a client file run from the web clip that asks if they are in the office or not and then connects appropriately or have two distinct webclips. The intermediate file will seem useless since the users are int he office 90% of the time. They seem to get cnofused by the Go interface for selecting the connection. They do not understand Filemaker and all they know is it is a tool they use to do their job. The way recent files are handled in Go is out of hand as well. It seems to be listing the same file many times for each time it has been opened.


      I know FM13 can check a connection type to the server, but it already needs to be connected. My issue is before connecting. Improving basic usability for mobile users seems to be where I spend most of my time. Remote FMP users are slightly better but still need help.

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          Get ( SystemIPAddress ) might be helpful. If the iPads connect to the local network in the office the IPs will be in a defined range and you can go directly to the hosted file; if they're on a remote network the IP address will be outside this range and you can open the local file.

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            So I need an intermediate file to run this script, but it seems to make sense. I fear that the mobile wifi boxes we use outside the office assign IPs in the same range, but I guess those can all be configured or I can reconfigure the office IPs.


            With a calculation I can easily discriminate the network. Thank you for the idea.