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    Popover in a popover?


      Tried to do this yesterday as it seemed an intutive way to add a "help" button inside a popover. The first popover is for data entry of measurements. Sometimes there are odd shaped things that need to be measured in a certain way that is standard but not common. The users make use of a binder with this info currently. I want to isolate the visual instructions to an image in the secondary popover to give a quick reference to the work instructions they need inside the primary popover.


      It did not work. Well not all the way. I could put the button in the popover but there were no popover settings. Is there a way to do this?

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          Do you think this is a reasonable thing to ask for? Maybe not.


          I guess I can add a tab panel or slide for help in the popover.

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            I would like to be able to do a popover in an popover. I think part of the problem is you can only have one popover open at a time so a popover in a popover would be 2.   Another restriction of a popover is if the popover is in a portal, you can not have a portal in the popover.

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              Hi bigtom,


              Anything request is reasonable if you think you might be able make use of it. There may be technical limitations that prevent FileMaker from allowing nested popovers, however, so there's no guarantee we'll see them anytime soon.  In the meantime, I think your idea for incorporating a slide-panel control inside the popover is probably the way to go here. 


              Out in the larger world beyond FileMaker, Apple's Human Interface Guidelines discourage iOS developers from placing a popover inside a popover.  I know of one app, otoh, that makes effective use of nested popovers:  the new iOS7-optimized version of iDraw uses popovers for quick entry or adjustment of numeric values—think stoke width, for example—in fields inside a popover without having to reveal a full keyboard.


              Good luck with your UI designs.



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                Another possible approach would be to use a tooltip; I'm not sure whether you could include an image in a tooltip though, but it certainly can be a calc, so maybe …

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                  Hi bigtom,

                  Another way to accomplish your task is to put one or more buttons in the popover.  The script behind that button (with possible parameters for context) opens a new window into a "Help" layout that contains your desired text.  When the user closes that help window, they are returned to the open popover.  Since all of this is controlled by a script, you could get fancy and determine which help layout you want to go to using a parameter - making is somewhat contex sensitive.

                  Cheers, Mark

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                    I do not know how user friendly opening a new window is on the iPad for a quick help note. I guess I can give it a try and see how it works.