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    FMPS13: Insert File to Container via FMP client = Slow


      I have a file which I had hosted on Windows 2008 (AWS) Server, FMPS12.

      The file has container field. I upload small files to the field using drag-and-drop or an Insert File script step. The field stores the files in the database — though the issue I am about to describe is the same for both in-file and external storage.

      Inserting files was very fast, almost instantaneous.

      However, with the file now hosted on FMPS13, the upload takes a full minute.

      Interestingly, the FMWebDirect view of the file DOES perform very quick uploads.

      I read a thread that says port 443 needs to be open on the server, which it is.

      Has anyone observed this behavior? Other suggestions welcomed.