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Sorting a portal issue

Question asked by duncanbaker on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by duncanbaker

Hey folks


Been trying to figure this out for a while and struggling. In simple terms, here's the scenario:



JoinTable - with a field indicating if the org is the primary org

There can be multiple joins records for contacts and orgs (for other reasons not worth going into here), so on a contact layout the portal to show orgs is based on con>join>orgs. This works fine and shows just one instance of the org name no matter how many joins there are.

But, if I want to sort the portal so that the primary org is at the top and the rest are a-z by org name, how to do this? I need a field in the org table that indicates if the org is the primary org for the contact being looked at. I've tried all manner of calcs and relationships and while I can get a field in contacts to show me which is the primary org, I can't get it to work by making a field in orgs.


Any thoughts?