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Send Mail SMTP Server Option and External Authentication

Question asked by meatymeats on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by taylorsharpe

Hello All,

We are setting up some scripts which incorporate "send mail' steps and would like to use current logged in user information to authenticate to the SMTP server, rather than hard coding a specific user or creating a "SMTP send mail" user in our mailserver specficially for sending mail via FM (filemaker).


I know that you can pull the current user name with a Get ( AccountName ) which will return the current authenticated user (keep in mind we are using external authentication to Windows Active Directory). This works to fill the user name field and is acceptable for authentication purposes. We are looking for a similar way to pull current password information to use when authenticating.


The end goal is that FM would use the user credentials of the user who executed the script to authenticate to the mailserver.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your responses!