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    Automatic email reminders



      Can anyone give me the easiest way to script an automatic email reminder? They are going to be dates so I know to send out new letters.

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          Anything automated comes from a Schedule Script on FileMaker Server.  Youl could for example, run a script each day that looks for a criteria of email to send out and have it send out an SMTP email automatically.  You just have to decide how you determine who the email is going to, what the subject, body and attachments are and script it.  You can get into using 3rd part plugins from sending email that will support addtional email functionality such as multiple attachments or HTML email. 

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            A Simple way is to use the script step "Install Timer" within a script that runs at certain intervals to remind you or/and take certain actions. But as Taylor mentioned you can create more involved solutions which allow you to do much more.


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              I just want to email a reminder to myself that I have to take the next action - send a letter or follow up etc. Do you think the Install Timer will work for that and to do you know how to write that script? I can't use the SMTP I was just going to make myself the email client.

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                Thank you!  The emails will just be going to myself based on a calcuation date that will be expiring, do you know if that is possbile? Just trying to figure out the easiest way to configure this because I will be using for many dates.