Beginner Layout Creation

Discussion created by mdowling on Apr 15, 2014
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Hello all, I am completly new to FileMaker. I am using FileMaker pro 13, I have entered in Data and now I am trying to creat a new layout.


The Problem

Everytime I go to "New Layout/Report" I choose the standard form the computer BUT it will not let me choose the Data fields that will be imported into the new layout. I am at a loss on how to do this.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.01.31 AM.png

This is the data I want to put into a different theme on a new Layout. It just goes to finish BUT the how to video shows this set up wizard or assistant that is showing how to choose themes and what fields to add to the new layout. Could really use some help with this and as I said, i am completely new. Thank you