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PDF file in container field has changed the behavior

Question asked by Lizhe on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Lizhe

I have a solution in FIlemaker 13, hosted on server 13. It contains a doc table which has records with a container field. It used to work properly: when looking at the detail view, the pdf file displayed in the interactive way in the field; when looking at list view the thumbnaisl of the files displaying without the interaction. However, I just got a notice from a user about the pdf behavior problem. I tested the solution and found: instead of display the pdf file in the field now the file was opened in Acrobate. When I closed the Acrobate program, Filemaker left the field white and empty. The worst thing went to the listview: Acrobate opens all the pdf files from the records showed in the layout, one file per window. When closing the Acrobate, the container field left empty without display the thumbnails of the files.

I'm the only person having the full privilege of the file and did not modify anything since putting it on the server. I don't understand what causes the behavior change, Acrobate or Filemaker. Please help me to find a solution to fix the problem. Thanks!!!



BTW, I checked other solutions hosted by the same server and files hosted by another FMS 13, all the pdf files have the same behavior issue.


Update: I tested the solutions from other two computers and surprisedly everything works as usual. So the problem is related to the individual computer which is running FMA 13 and connection to FMS 13. So far, I have not find the solution to fix it.