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Question asked by opencirrus on Apr 15, 2014
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My appologies if this has been asked before, but I would like to discuss the merits of file container storage internally versus external (secure storage). First some arguments in my partcular application:


- Files do not need to be secure

- The database is a document store of many files (although this is not expected to get beyond 50GB) per database instance

- There is a requirement to be able to bundle / export the database WITH files (remaining in native FMS / FMP), and in this case I do not want to complicate or risk paths to container files. The database (with documents) should remain as portable as possible, (for this reason I have also selected not to use the Data Separation Method, minimising the number of files to bundle)

- It is not necessary to access files outside the database (direct to a folder)


My question here is to discus why I should use external storage which seems to be the prefered method of container storage in many discussions on the forum?


FM defaults to an internal storage of files, so what are the risks?