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    compare data dynamically while entering


      Uning FileMaker Pro 11


      Table A Orders- Sales department

      Table B Materials - Master material list, administrator access only


      In table A, I want to show a message telling user they are entering a new material if it isn't already in the value list and then allow them to enter a new entry. This entry needs to populate the master list, table B. The value list comes from the Material fieled in table B. Since FM doesn't allow editing of a value list if it uses a field value from in this case, table B, how do I compare the entry from the two tables and give the option of adding to the list in table B which is locked out from Sales department?

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          So, I assume the field the user is entering has the value list displayed.  If the item they want to enter is not in that list displayed, you want them to be able to add that item to the Master list.  If that assumption is correct, the "down and dirty" way is to have an "add" button close to where they are entering the item.  They would be instructed to click the Add button when their item doesn't display in the drop down list.  The Add script would allow them the enter a new value in an Orders::global field.  When they click OK, the script (with full administrator privleges) would go to the Materials layout and add that value (as a parameter), then return to their layout, clear the global field and place them in the item entry field so they can choose the new item from the drop down list. I hope that is something close to what you want to do.

          Cheers, Mark

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            Thanks Mark, I'll give it a try!