Problems inserting PDFs in Container field

Discussion created by LSNOVER on Apr 15, 2014
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Hi Folks:


I'm bringing in a LARGE number of PDFs into a Filemaker database using interactive container fields.


I have approximately 400K documents.


I have a script that works. The problem is I get through maybe 2K records and Filemaker just goes off to never never land. I get the hour glass, and it looks like it might still be working, but it isn't. I then have to kill the process and start it up again. This results in the file being checked for consistency, and then I repeat the process. Not ideal.


I've tried making the window very small to minimize redraw issues and the like. It's a very simple table, just some descriptors, the file name and the container.


I'm running on Windows 7 with Filemaker Pro 13 v2. I have 512MB set for the cache.


Anyone else have any suggestions on how to make this process more reliable? I'm guessing there's some kind of memory leak, and after X number of inserts, it's just walking off the deep end.


I'm running this all single user FYI, I tried it with the DB on the Server and it was even worse. I'm commiting after each insert. and I'm refreshing every 1000 records.