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    Sending information


      Hi, would love abit of help my company has just started using file maker pro 12

      i am trying to get my head around using it does anyone have any helpful tips

      also is there any easy way of sending information from ipads, to desktop rather then saving it emailing it aross and importing it?

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          send it through FMServer. You can use PRO and GO as clients to FMServer.



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            I suggest getting a copy of the FileMaker Training Series and going through it. It covers how FileMaker works and several "best practices" for how to build properly constructed databases.

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              FileMaker Go on the iPad can be used to input information or even binary container fields (e.g., a picture or document).  If FileMaker Go is connected to FileMaker Server over a network, then the same information can be seen on computers using FileMaker Pro if they are connected to the same server file.  It is all part of the FIleMaker ecosystem where everything can be shared, edited, etc. 


              You may be asking this question because you are wanting FileMaker Go to share its file the way FileMaker Pro can do a peer-to-peer sharing.  It that is your question, then the answer is no, FileMaker Go does not have the ability to do peer-to-peer file sharing as a host.  However, it could connect to a FileMaker Pro that has peer-to-peer sharing turned on.  The main reason people use peer-to-peer sharing is to avoid having to purchase FileMaker Server. However, FileMaker Server does a much better job of file sharing than peer-to-peer sharing.