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    Text delay issue after an FM v11 to FMv12 conversion

    John Funk

      I have a customer that we just got done converting 20 databases from v11 to v12 and have them hosted on a v12 server.

      The odd behavior is when typing in a field there is a delay from key to key, like the screen has to catch up to the keyboard. This only happens on the largest database file 27k records and only when in browse mode. The fields are indexed (but this should not matter when entering data) There are no trigger scripts or formatting going on, just a plain old text fields.

      Has anybody seen this before?

      As a test, I created a new layout in FM12 with the default style and this still happens.

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          If you converted from 11 to 12, most likely you didn't convert themes and all of the layouts are now in the Classic theme, which is not part of the new FileMaker layout engine of themes using CSS.  You might try converting to a theme and seeing if it still has the same result.  Using FileMake defaults often gives best results.  Duplicate the layout and change to a theme and see if the delay still happens.  I may be grasping at straws here and it might not help, but it is something easy to try. 

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            John Funk

            Thanks for the input, I did create a brand new layout using a variety of themes and I still get the type lag problem....on other databases it is not a problem. I will try converting again. I do not think it is fair for FileMaker to expect all layouts have to be rebuild, how can a developer bill for this (or absorb the cost) time when it is not a known problem or there is no fix (yet), there are alot of legacy databses out there...FileMaker Inc, you are killing small shops like us....

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              I know it can be frustrating.  And you can always continue to use an old version.  But then things like security slowly become more of an issue as the software gets older and sometimes won't work so well with newer operating systems.  The newer versions of FileMaker offer a lot of new features which are enticing.  But with change, we also have to go through and rework older solutions into the new methods.  Sometimes it isn't justifiable and you put up with the limitations.  But I have found a lot of new ways to make things faster in FileMaker 13 including using Perform on Server as well as certain SQL fucntions are faster and don't require TO joins.  Some clients upgrade software which in turn requires them to buy new hardware and I find a number of clients unhappy about that (then again, they often really do need new hardware).  There are both rewards and costs to upgrading.  I guess it keeps developers in business. 


              So why aren't you upgrading to FileMaker 13?

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                John Funk

                My client is a two person company and has to spread out the costs ot getting new computers, server, OS's and of course FileMaker.

                I recomended going right to 13 but the features of 13 would not have been used and the cost was prohibitive. My guess is if I did not give him the option to go to 12, he would have stayed at 11 and then been even further behind.

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                  Ahhhh, the compromises that businesses make.  I guess it boils down to how valuable the information is.  Small businesses inherently are risk takers.  I just make sure I convey the risk to them and have them make the choices and accept the risk knowingly.  And 12 is at least a step forward!

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                    Just to let you know that one of our clients experiencing the same issue since upgraded to 12.


                    • FMSA12 hosted on Mac OS X Server 10.7
                    • Clients are using the latest FMP12 on recent versions of Mac OS X.
                    • The solution was converted from *.fp7 (and from *.fp5 before that).


                    I agree with taylorsharpe about the issue being caused by some theme related change in 12, but there are many relatively complex layouts in the solution and it's practically impossible for them to recreate all of them considering the time and/or the cost for it.


                    Just FYI, I noticed that the release note of FMP13v2 update includes the following fix.


                    • OS X: Addressed an issue where data entry could appear slower when a large number of windows were open.


                    They plan to update the solution to 13 in the next several months and I really hope the issue is resolved.

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                      John Funk

                      As a follow up, I did some testing...I took the problematic v12 file and deleted tables and layouts then testing the text input. Each time no difference; I got down to only one table and one layout (newly created) and the problem persists. Thje problem is in the FileMaker Pro 12 application. It seems I have two options.

                      1. rebuild the database from the ground up (client not happy, me not happy)

                      2. Upgrade the macs to Mavericks and upgrade to v13. (client not happy, they are running older Adobe solutions so this step is very costly)


                      My client asked me, how come FileMaker does not take responcibility for this fix, I told them the software business always moves forward, not back and they will not fix an old product.


                      Most of my clients are small companies and they cannot afford to make changes this drastic this fast.


                      I guess my client was concentrating on his business too much and did not have an in house geek to tell him to keep up.

                      I wish FileMaker provided a way to upgrade for cheap, sort of an amnisty for not keeping up. It seems Apple is doing this with Mavericks.

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                        Thank you very much for sharing the test results!

                        Just curious...


                        1. Did you choose a non-classic theme when creating the new layout for the test?
                        2. Have you verified that the issue is resolved when you open the file with FMP 13v2?


                        I wish I could test it myself, but we don't have the problematic files (we developed only the web part of their system).