[ANN] EasySync: An Open Source FileMaker Sync Framework

Discussion created by TimDietrich on Apr 17, 2014

Hi everyone.


Just a quick note that I released EasySync to beta testing yesterday.


EasySync is an open source sync framework for the FileMaker platform. Here are some of its features:


• It uses only native FileMaker functionality. No plug-ins, and no custom functions.

• It is easy to setup and configure.

• It has a small footprint. The number of fields, tables, table occurrences, relationships, and scripts needed for EasySync have been kept to a minimum.

• There is no need for any additional files.

• It is transactional. A sync either completes in its entirety or not at all.

• It is fast. Really, really fast.

• It fully supports containers.

• It is flexible, so you can easily modify it to support your specific business rules.

• It is very secure.

• It is being provided via an open source license.


For details, please visit: http://fmeasysync.com