Update a solution by a "universal script" or plugin.

Discussion created by Boutsy on Apr 17, 2014
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We are all developing solutions. We make them available and we continue developing on that solution, while it is used on the server or separately.

If we continue the development separately, we will have to import the data from the previous version of that solution, table by table and lookup the next values of the serial numbers and paste them in the updated solution.

This can all be done by a script, but that script will have to be written specifically for that solution and if you created new tables or values with a serial numbers in the new solution, you will have to take care of that in the that script.

My Question :

Is there u plugin or "universal script" out there that can take care of all that?

This would be great.

It would even be greater if you could send an update to a client and that he only had to push "update" and everything will be taken care of automatically


Thank you in advance,