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    FM13 crashing.


      I added a few popovers to a layout. It worked well for a little while.


      Now the popovers will not funciton and when editing the layout the display popover will not work. Removing the popover and trying to replace it anew crashes FMP.


      What the heck?

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          I figured out one of the FM12 client users "helped" me out by removing some Unknown Objects from the second tab panel on the layout where the popovers are.


          These were connected to the popovers and the missing objects seemed to cause the crash. I removed all the popovers(unknown objects) with FM12 and recreated them in FM13 no problem.

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            I have noticed and enormous increase in crashes while working in popovers. When not using or editing popovers I almost never experience a crash with FileMaker.

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              Popovers are great, but they are a first version of this feature. Many new features, after testing in the real world, get bug fixes and it may be that there are a couple of bugs still to be worked out with this new feature.  There are a few others bugs in FileMaker 13 that we know FileMaker is working on too.  It is why some people don't do upgrades until one or two bug fix updates come out.  While I have fixed corrupted layouts, once I get a layout working, it is usually rock solid and does not randomly result in crashes.  And I am using a lot of popovers now and really like this feature. 


              Corruption to layouts can happen when working on a local copy of a FM database and FM crashes or the file somehow does not close properly.  FM really does not like the file to close unexpectedly, especially if your are managing the database or editing layouts when it happens.  One way to avoid this is to develop using a file hosted on a FileMaker server because even if your local copy of FM Pro crashes, it does not cause the hosted database to crash or close improperly. 

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                Hmmmm. Check your plugins.



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                  I don't use any plugins.

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                    FileMaker has recommended that if you have v12 clients you should avoid doing any development in v13 as the features are not backwards-compatible and (as here) stability could be affected.