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    Fraction of Text Size


      Is it possible to specify a font size as a fraction ? The TextSize function accepts only integer numbers.

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          In the FileMaker layout mode, fonts cannot have decimals.  FileMaker won't let you even type a period when you click on the "Custom" font size.  However, layouts are all built on CSS and CSS allows for fractional font sizes.  So while FIleMaker's Text toolbar dialog won't let you put in decimals, under the hood you could probably do it if you knew how to edit the CSS source data on a layout.  I bet you could edit a theme that you import (File < Manage < Theme).  That is what I would try if I absolutely had to.  However, I have never tried this before. 

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            Very useful answer, thank you. Can a Script or a Function execute CSS code?

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              Cascading Style Sheets are code for adding style (fonts, colors, spacing) to web documents.  They are not really an executable code in the traditional program coding sense, but they are code read by a web browser to interpret how text is displayed in a web browser.  FileMaker scripting can web scrape to pull the HTML text from a web page and FileMaker can post data to a web viewer including html with CSS in it to be displayed in a web viewer portal.  I guess in that way it is "executing" the CSS in that the web portal is reading CSS to display it in a web portal. 


              Can you tell us more about what you are wanting to do with the CSS code or how you are wanting to execute it?

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                Thank you to help me. As a retired IT engineer I am far from being a seasoned FM developer. So I learn by trial and errors, reading, attending webinars, searching YouTube, etc..

                I am trying to print 3 x 1 1/2 inches labels with a Primera LX900 printer. Space on a small label is scarse. I use merge fields for the variables and the Roboto font for text. I currently use a 4 pt size for the font but would like to reduce it to 3 1/2, 3 is too small.



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                  My recommendation is to change fonts and find one that specializes in small sizes.  4 point is pretty small... is that really readable?  My older eyes are having problems with 10 point fonts <grin>.  At least you're not using a serif font! 


                  I found an interesting discussion on the best small size font at: 


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                    Interesting and useful. Bell Centennial Address looks good but Roboto Condensed is better. Funny that FM requires an integer as a custom font size while allowing a fraction of a pt for line with. I suppose it must be much more difficult to scale up and down fonts than lines.


                    Thank you again.