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    Insert File - ignores Set Error Capture (on)


      I really like the insert file script step when i want users to be able to select a file. The problem is it doesn't obey Set Error Capture.


      I have a looping script that is importing scanned image files from my clients current server to a new server. This is part of a conversion process from FM 11 to FM 13. Of course in a loop i don't want the dialog to display.


      I have it configured like this - Insert File [ PcomScn::Document ; $Path ] - dialog options is unchecked.


      The script runs fine until Insert File doesn't find the file. When this happens the dialog shows even though I have Error capture ON. So instead of leaving this to run to conclusion I have to monitor it to dismiss the dialog instead of it honoring Set Error Capture ON.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.


      John Morina