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    Best methods for email?


      Looking for easiest and best way to send HTML email from FileMaker.

      So far I've looked at:


      360 Works email plugin

      Using WebViewer and httpsPost to post variables to php templates to send the mail.


      My concerns are speed, ease on installation, WYSIWYG editing, cost, and ability to use custom headers and footers I designate in FM Pro.


      Any informaion would be greatly appreciated!

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          I've used CNS' POP3it and SMTPit for sending and receiving on FileMaker and like it well enough.  It seems like most other email plugins and works well.  We used to use FileMaker's sending with an attachment and that was not as reliable as using the CNS plugin.  We had a lot fewer problems and crashes with CNS plugins and were able to make the email HTML unlike in FileMaker's native email. 


          Check out fmSpark from SeedCode.  I haven't used it, but it sure looks interesting to me and probably easier than some of the traditional email plugins.  http://www.seedcode.com/fmspark/

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            In the past I have also used SMTPit, and have always been happy with it for sending HTML email.


            On a project I'm currently working on the client requires better tracking and reporting, so I'm using Mandrill http://mandrill.com  In this case the client already uses MailChimp for other bulk mailing, and because Mandrill integrates with MailChimp they can use MailChimp to easily create WYSIWYG templates.


            There is a good article about using it with Filemaker here:  http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/224/sending-e-mail-from-filemaker-using-mandrill


            It is much easier to use it via SMTP, and that may well suit your requirements.

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              Have you guys used or heard anything about a company called 360Works? They have an email plugin that I am currently using and seems to be fairly robust and capable but I'm just not sure if it's the best for what I am trying to accomplish.

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                Never used this plugin myself but 360Works have been around for a long time

                and are highly regarded. Reports on support are also excellent.


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                  You don't say what you are trying to do I can't speak to that. 


                  I have used it to pull email into a database.  It worked well.  When I needed some assistance in the early development stages Jesse and the staff at 360works were very helpful.




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                    Well, let's see what we can do with MBS Plugin.


                    We do have a couple of sendmail functions which help compose emails and send them:



                    Normally we use a template with the HTML or plain text content for the email with placeholders. e.g. put name into HTML by replacing placeholder after passing through Text.TextToHTML function.


                    Now if you need a wysiwyg html editor, we can use TinyMCE in a webviewer. For that we have an example database coming with MBS Plugin.


                    Put the pieces together and you can build a nice email solution.