FMS 13 two machine web direct setup error

Discussion created by rothdavid on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by mmcintyre

This week we set up a seperate web server to test out FM13 web direct technology.


After running the worker machine setup on the web server (Win08 svr with IIS7.5.76...)


I go back to the Host Server and run the Edit Deployment process and select to Enable Web publishing, Select Web Direct, Two machine setup, the server displays in the dropdown and after several moments I receive this file not found error.


Test web server ( Error code = 404


I look in the physical directory for "FMWebSite" its configured for itself in IIS, and this file is not present in that directory.


Browsing to the server via wepage displays the default Filemaker Web Database Website page anywhere on our network.


Because of this error I may not move further through the edit deployment process.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.