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    FMS 13 two machine web direct setup error


      This week we set up a seperate web server to test out FM13 web direct technology.


      After running the worker machine setup on the web server (Win08 svr with IIS7.5.76...)


      I go back to the Host Server and run the Edit Deployment process and select to Enable Web publishing, Select Web Direct, Two machine setup, the server displays in the dropdown and after several moments I receive this file not found error.


      Test web server ( Error code = 404


      I look in the physical directory for "FMWebSite" its configured for itself in IIS, and this file is not present in that directory.


      Browsing to the server via wepage displays the default Filemaker Web Database Website page anywhere on our network.


      Because of this error I may not move further through the edit deployment process.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          It sounds like the install was not compleeted correctly.

          I would try to make a re-install of the worker machine

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            I just tried "Repair" feature, using the installer.  Still no luck.


            The entire directory "fmi-test" and its files were not created during the process.


            I have manually recreated the "fmi-test" dir inside the App/HTTPServer/Conf folder and copied an older test.xml file I have on a FMserver 11 server.


            The process now moving forward in the process.  I'll post results once it completes.


            thank you for your suggestion.



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              The configuration process was fine however the test pages fail to generate any test connections to the sample database.


              Reading the setup instructions, I can only assume I must uninstall the server software on both systems, clear the Java Cache on both, the per the instructions,:  Install the worker system first, then the host database server setup second.


              I was hoping to avoid removing the host server software and simply edit the existing deployment and adding the new worker web machine into the setup.


              I will test this out this weekend.



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                I called FM Support.  We reviewed the setup for the two server enviroment and all was 100%.  He recommended we disably any AV software we had on the server.  Once we removed the AV software, the setup worked perfectly.



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                  We are having similar problem getting FMS 13 installed on WinSrv2008r2 (64bit).  No AV active.


                  It looks like FMS installer is not correctly configuring the FMWebSite on IIS for the Worker Server in a two machine setup.

                  Comparing it with a working Worker Server instance (FileMaker Advanced Server 12), there is an application 'fmi-test' pointing to C:\Program FIles\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\web-server-support\test\fmi-test (along with two Virtual Directories, 'aspnet_client' and 'jakarta').  None of these are present in the site configured by the installer in IIS.  The Deployment Manager times out attempting to connect to the Worker server since it is looking for http://<worker-IP>/fmi-test/test.xml.  Note that the web server is running ok on the Worker server and one can browse to the root of the Worker Server web page and find the stock FileMaker Web Server index page and logo.


                  The underlying fmi-test folder and its files appear to be present and in good order in the install folder.  It just appears that the IIS site instance isn't being configured correctly (or at least it is not being configured in a manner that the Deployment Manager on the Master Server is expecting).


                  Same happens both with an "upgrade" (i.e. uninstall a working FMS 12 setup and installing FMS 13) and a "clean" install (i.e. installing FMS 13 on a freshly rebuilt server from scratch).


                  Any help much appreciated as v13 is DoA so far...

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                    We resolved our setup problem.


                    Turning off the firewall between Master & Worker allowed the Deployment Manager to see the Worker Server.  Backing out of the Deployment Assistant and re-starting it with the following old FileMaker 12 ports open also allowed the Deployment Assistant to successfully complete and the Admin Console shows both servers happily connected:


                    (port descriptions per the FileMaker Adv. Server 12 Getting Started Doc., p. 25)

                    5015 - FileMaker Internal

                    16000 - HTTP:  Admin Console Start Page, Admin Helpers

                    16001 - HTTPS:  Admin Console communications

                    16004 - Admin Console


                    So I wonder if their is a documentation issue with the "FMS 13 Getting Started Guide", p26 port table?


                    Install did not work for us when we opened only the 'Open' ports listed in this table.