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Minor changes to Read-Only Access Privilege set disallows entry changing global search field?

Question asked by rberrisford on Apr 17, 2014
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I would be very grateful for some insight into this conundrum:


I have a Society database hosted on FMPServer12, running on iPhone. It is based on the Filemaker Contacts App. (There is a global field in the iPhone layout which is used to imitate a Quickfind through scripts which use global variable. I have all the scripts checked to "run with full privileges".)


When I open the app on iPhone with Guest access (Privilege Set [Read-Only Access]), it works fine - but I want to limit user access to printing, exporting, and viewing some layouts and scripts.


So I copy the [Read-Only Access] into a New Privilege set called {Read-Only Access]Copy, associate it with the [Guest] logon - and even before I limit printing, exporting, layouts or scripts, I cannot get the "Quickfind" field to accept text - getting the error message that the Privilege Set disallows access.


Why is a copy of [Read-Only Access] not behaving the same as [Read-Only Access]?


Hoping for some learning.......