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Can I send a message that pops up on another users screen?

Question asked by MartinBridges on Apr 18, 2014
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I know when I'm in the server console that I can send a personal message that appears on a chosen user's screen. Can I users do the same from one FileMaker client machine to another?


I've already set up a system whereby users can leave a note for another named user. All very simple and easy. Users manually go to the layout and find any new messages for them.



The client now wants the recipients to know imediately a new message is posted for them. They are suggesting that when a new note is created an email is also sent to the recipient. This, to my mind, is classic client non thinking. Why would a user pick up messages sooner by going to their emails as oposed to clicking the button on the FM screen that's already there?


Anyway what would be great would be a script that...

[1] gets the recipients login name ( I can find that ok)

[2] creates a comment box that appears with the senders name and message on top of the layout ( I can do that)

[3] displays that comment box on just the recipients machine (no idea how to do that or even if it can be done!)


Your comments/thoughts would be appreciated