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FileMaker Slows Down the Longer it is Open

Question asked by DougRawson on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2014 by DougRawson

We have recently been getting complaints that the longer a user has our files open the slower they get. When they first open the database things are nice and snappy but as they use it or even let it sit open in the background it gets slower and slower until it is unusable. Then they can close out and reopen to a nice snappy environment. Our clients are using the same database an hundreds of offices so we have a mish mash of systems. I have attached results from a survey we asked our clients to complete where we asked about their systems and software (the attached only contains data from those who said that they were experiencing the slow down issue). I want to kick up the performance of our solution and we will be .fmp12-izing it this year as it is a nearly direct port from .fp7 so we have not yet taken advatage of css and other sped enhancing functions.


In the mean time, does anyone have any clue as to why it would start out running well and get slower and slower and slower the longer it is open?


About the attachment - Quesions 8+ are in reference to their FMServer Computer.