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SSL / Certificate: Internal to Filemaker or applies to web server as well?

Question asked by chrisj on Apr 20, 2014
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Hi guys - I have a newbie question with regards to Server and SSL.


I have a single machine deployment of FMS13 on Windows Server 2012 including Web Server / Web Direct / PHP. Due to the Heartbleed bug, I've just applied the FM 13v01a updater, however it requires that we replace the default certificate using one of the approved vendors here:


I've used the command line to create the certificate as described on pages 191-192 here


What I'm not clear about, is that when we get the certificate back and import it into Filemaker... is the certificate valid for just SSL connections between Filemaker Server and clients (Pro / Go / Webdirect?? ) or is it also valid for all https connections to the webserver?


The reason I am asking, is that I have php pages on the web sever (IIS) which talk via Filemaker PHP API to the database, so does this certificate that I import also validate SSL / https access for the web server?


Or am I just confused?!


Thanks for your help - as you can see, this side of FM development is something new for me!