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    Different body and layout sizes


      I work in points. I cannot make the layout to have the same width aas the body. No problem with the height. Layout = 252 x 108 and the body = 251 x 108.

      Any clue why ?

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          can you post some screenshots about how you're finding these numbers?


          Also, what version of FileMaker are you using?


          Is it a list view?


          it doesn't make sense as to why you would get a slight variance. layout widths / part widths are shared and always uniform.

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            I am using FM Advanced 13, French localization. I want to print sticky labels of size 3 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inch with a Primera LX900 printer.

            I have set the OS X 10.9 measurements unit to inches so that the Print Setup fits well with the label size I want to print.


            My layout has only a body part, no header, no footer and I am using the Classic theme and the Form view. Very simple. It is composed of 29 objects : graphics, text files, merge fields and one image. I get the variables for the merge fields from a Products table. Each printed label varies per product variant. All margins are specified to equal 0.


            As I said, I work in points, because my labels are small. 3 1/2 x 1 1/2 is converted to 252 x 108 points (72 points per inch). I use the position tab of the inspector to position the objects on the layout. When I look at the in the upper section of the position tab, the width measurements are different for the body width and the background width.


            The layout (background) width 252 seems to be influenced by the Print Setup I specified at the time of designing the layout. The body width of 251 appeared dimmed, not accesible to change. In Preview mode, the label wouln't appear and, of course, would not print.


            I solved the problem by specifying 2 labels across (I then use an appropriate different roll on the printer). The labels appear in Preview mode and print accordingly.

            But the width measurement of the body is still dimmed and different from the correct width measurement of the background. I am puzzled by the influence of the printer on the design of a small layout with no margins.


            Thank you to consider this situation.



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              This is a known bug with FileMaker 13 when printing labels.

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                Is it possible to get a description of this known bug ? Or of some workarounds ?